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How does it integrate with my current tool set?

If you are using ANT, just create a target for JUnitDoclet. It will be executed just like javadoc, but with a few more arguments. The critical part is the definition of the package and the main TestSuite. Please use the build.xml from the demo as an example. If you want a more responsive integration, you find examples for integrating JUnitDoclet in your favorite development environment in the "doc/ide" directory of the distribution (1.0.1 or above provide help with IDEA and Eclipse).

In summer of 2005 Fabrice Bellingard suggested a plugin for Eclipse (called: e-junitdoclet) which he offered to write. It is available as Beta 1, so please go ahead and check it out.

Feel free to contribute your own macro or description for your favorite environment. Just send an email to junitdoclet@objectfab.de.