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Is JUnitDoclet just another wizard?

No, it does some repetitive tasks for you, nothing more, nothing less. JUnitDoclet just can't solve all the problems, and it won't even try to. It was designed to behave reasonably and predictably. In contrast to many "wizards" and "assistants" you stay in control. You don't need to outsmart JUnitDoclet. If it can't handle something, compiling the generated test will fail. This way you learn about the problem and solve it the right way. JUnitDoclet keeps the solution when re-generating. Fair enough?
JUnitDoclet is standing at your side, not in your way.Please don't get the (deadly wrong) impression, that the number of tests says anything about the quality of testing. If most of the tests are empty, you didn't get the point!
It remains your job to write the tests, but JUnitDoclet is helping you as good as it can.
If you want to change generated code, please do it. That's why we inserted the markers, just write your modifications between them. ;-)