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Step 1 - Installation and Setup

Make sure tools.jar (part of JDK), junit.jar, and junitdoclet.jar are in the class path. Doublecheck the directories in the build.xml.

The junit task in ANT is optional, but we need it to execute the demo. Please make the optional.jar available to ANT (e.g. put it to %ANT_HOME%/lib). It's worth it.

Define an ANT target for JUnitDoclet in the build.xml and assign the package to be processed and the name of the main test (the TestSuite covering the processed package).

Note: By default, the name of a TestSuite contains the name of the parent package (package org.junitdoclet.demo leads to DemoSuite). Please read the FAQ if you want to change that to AllTests or something else. (There seems to be no general rule about naming TestSuites because they are related to packages by JUnitDoclet only but not by JUnit.)

Fasten your seat belt (but don't put the tables in front of you to their upright position ;-).