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Since release 1.6, JUnitDoclet not only became able to produces JUnit4 (annotation based) tests, we also switched over to JUnit4 as our internal test framework. However, you may download older releases in case you are still using JDK 1.4 (or even JDK 1.3).

If you want to stay informed about the evolution of JUnitDoclet, please send an email to junitdoclet@objectfab.de.


  • Java 5 or above (Older JDKs may work but haven't been tested with JUnitDoclet. JRE is not enough.)
  • JUnit 4.7 (Templates are adaptable to different versions of JUnit. Templates for JUnit 3.8 and 4.X are included.)
  • ANT (Required only for rebuilding, but recommended to be used for building your application as well.)


GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Version Archives

Version of JUnitDocletDownloadComment
1.6 (18.02.2010)
junitdoclet-1.6-bin.zip (380k),
JUnit4.X support (modified templates and updated self tests)
1.0.2 (30.11.2002)
junitdoclet_1.0.2_jdk1.4_bin.zip (117k),
1.0.1 (29.10.2002)
junitdoclet_1.0.1_jdk1.4_bin.zip (115k),
Examples to integrate as external tool in IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse and other IDE's and Editors
1.0 (08.10.2002)
junitdoclet_1.0_jdk1.4_bin.zip (90k),
better refactoring support, main method in each test class
0.9.2 (12.09.2002)
junitdoclet_0.9.2_jdk1.4_bin.zip (87k),
now supporting tests in sub packages "test"
0.9.1 (01.09.2002)
junitdoclet_0.9.1_jdk1.4_bin.zip, junitdoclet_0.9.1_jdk1.4.zipincluded article, minor bugfixes
0.9(28.08.2002)JUnitDoclet_0.9_jdk1.4.zipfirst public version
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