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JUnitDoclet in the news

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What users say about JUnitDoclet

This is one terrific tool. It really makes me want to come to speed on JUnit, now. It sure is going to take a lot of the work out of writing tests!
- Eric Armstrong, Author of SUN's XML tutorial -

Using JUnitDoclet really is fun. You created a great tool. If it gets that easy to write tests, all the excuses disappeared for good.
- Jens Krämer, Developer -

Thanks for the fantastic tool. I intend to role this out across our company.
- Damian ONeill, Software Engineer -

I am a big fan of your tool, because it allows me to be conscientious despite my own laziness.
- Eric Y. Kow, Java Developer, soapical.sourceforge.net -

I'll tell anyone and everyone as it helps move folks into junit and test-first as an effective methodology.
- David Hainlin, Java Developer -

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