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JUnitDoclet by Robert Watkins (same name - different tool)

This page is dedicated to a different tool with the same name. It was written by Robert Watkins and has no other connection than the name.

Robert submitted his project to SourceForge, but as soon as he learned about the other version of JUnitDoclet (the one, all the other pages on this site are about) he immediatly offered to hand over this popular download spot. Steffen Gemkow (one author of the other tool) says: We appreciate the generosity of this offer. Robert shows his true dedication to open source. Thank you, Robert.

Project Description

A code generator to automate creation and maintainence of JUnit test suites. Requires JUnit and XDoclet, and is written in Java (1.3 or later). It should work with any platform that has a sufficiently modern JVM.

Project Download

junitdoclet-0.1a.zip (Note: This is NOT the JUnitDoclet, all the other pages on this site are about.)

Message from Robert Watkins

Robert wrote this within the SourceForge project.

Change of ownership

It turns out that there's another tool, started a little earlier than mine, that has a better right to the name "JUnitDoclet". The two reasons are that the other guys have made a financial outlay (they bought a domain name), and their code is in a far more advanced state.

In addition, their tool is a lot more comprehensive than mine; mine was a little toy designed to teach me how XDoclet worked. Their's is a fully blown test generation tool.

As such, I'm handing the project over to them. The new admins will be Steffen Gemkow and Andreas Braig. Other than the name, there's no connection between our projects.

I may start my project back up again under a different name, I may not. In any case, it will still be in the archives here.

I wish Steffen and Andreas the best of luck with their project..

- Robert -

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